Turkey Dealing with The Corona Crisis, Surprised the World

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  • 4 years ago
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While most citizens of Western countries were having a hard time accessing treatment, they were surprised to learn that Turkey is providing free health care and treatment to 1.5 million citizens at home. As the health insurance covered all citizens and non-citizens in Turkey, thus the epidemic stage has demonstrated the strength of Turkey’s infrastructure in the health field and the importance of providing free health care.

The Corona crisis exposed many problems in many countries around the world, as citizens in developing countries did not have access to adequate health care because of the weak capabilities, but in rich countries, health care is provided only to those who have sufficient funds or health insurance that entitles them to do so.

We have all witnessed everyday facts that show the inability of citizens of developed countries to access treatment and medical services while Turkey provides treatment, diagnosis, and checks to its citizens completely free of charge.

Not only has Turkey been self-sufficient in terms of preventive supplies and intensive care mechanisms, but it has also provided assistance to many countries. Turkey has demonstrated its strength through its steadfastness in this critical phase in which many international institutions and global structures have lost their ability to cope with the epidemic.

The Turkish government also allocated several urgent packages to support local companies and avoid high unemployment in the country after the crisis, which included many exemptions and aid with a huge budget.

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