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Terms of Website Use & Conditions

Before you navigate on bodrumwhite.com please read the Terms of Use of our website. By using our website and filling the webform, we consider you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use. If it’s not a case, you should avoid using our website.

BODRUM WHITE GAYRİMENKUL (“BODRUM WHITE Real Estate”, “we”, or “us”) collect and ensure the data security in accordance to Law on the Protection of Personal Data of 7th April 2016.

Modifications on Our Terms and Website
BODRUM WHITE Real Estate reserves the right to modify and discontinue the Terms of Use at any time. Consequently, verify the Terms of Use every time you visit www.bodrumwhite.com and make sure you understand them while browsing.

Who Are We?
BODRUM WHITE Real Estate employs highly skilled multi-lingual professionals with substantial experience in all the relevant competences involving residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

Purpose of Website
BODRUM WHITE Real Estate makes Internet publications under various domains, in various languages.
• Submitting the services of BODRUM WHITE Real Estate in different languages
• Informing about real estate purchase
• Publishing property advertisements
• Publishing news and articles concerning the real estate market.

Cookie Policy
Cookies are small files keeping a certain amount of web data. Cookie data help us to customize our website, then to improve the performance and collect some statistical data. Read our Cookie Policy.

Why We Collect Your Data?
As a real estate company, BODRUM WHITE Real Estate collects data for following reasons:
• Personal information like name, surname, telephone number and e-mail are collected for better communication and to send our hot offers via newsletter to your email address.
• Marketing, retargeting and communication collect demographic data to define user’s points of interest
• Information provided by Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to ensure a better experience on our website.
• Information related with location provided by IP address allows to suggest the properties or nearest offices accordingly.
All data collected through our website, shared with your own willingness, can be seen only by authorized persons (administration and pre-sales and after-sales real estate agent). Your personal data is never shared with third parties except selling the property.
By filling the web form or writing an email on the address published on our website, we assume that you accept receiving the information, offer or newsletter emails concerning you query.

User’s Privacy
The collected data is used only with house sales restriction purpose. All information such as title deed after buying a home, identity information, tax number and other signed documents can be seen by authorized personnel only. We reserve the right to call you, send an email or newsletter concerning the properties you are interested in. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Respect for Intellectual Property Rights of BODRUM WHITE Real Estate
Any copying or reproducing of our website content is unlawful. Our content may be used for private use only and only by indicating our website as source of the content. Ourselves, we create all content accordingly to our guidelines and all publications are our own production.

We respect Digital Millennium Copyright Act and we defend our uniqueness with DMCA.

Trademark Policy
BODRUM WHITE Real Estate@ is a registered trademark. No one in the real estate sector can use our logo and trademark.

Customer Feedback
Any feedback from our customers is more than welcomed. Any queries, questions and complaints related to BODRUM WHITE Real Estate, please contact us directly.


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