Real Estate and Holiday Homes FAQ

Buying and Selling

When looking to buy or sell property in Turkey, you will no doubt have a number of questions to consider. We will be more than happy to discuss the purchasing and selling process with you either on the phone or in person but to help you get started.

Can foreigners buy properties in Turkey?

Yes, they can. After the law change in 2012, most nationalities are allowed to buy properties in Turkey.

How can I find a holiday home in Bodrum?

You need a qualified and reliable expert. In other words, you need a real estate/property consultant. Your consultant has to be the perfect guide in every step. This expert will lead you to the options according to your needs. Be sure that your consultant is experienced and has a wide, up-to-date portfolio. A good consultant can absolutely find the best option for you.

Does it take too long to get the title deed after purchasing?

If it’s a finished project, it won’t take too long. Mostly after 3 working days, you can have your title deed under your name.

Do I need to get a residence permit in order to buy a property in Turkey?

No, you don’t need a residence permit to buy a property in Turkey!

Is it enough to buy a property in Bodrum to get a resident permit?

Yes. For one (1) year you can have the resident permit. Then you’ll need to renew it. For long term permits, we can arrange a legal consultancy for you.

Will the property in Turkey be freehold property?

Yes, all properties we sell in Turkey are freehold property.

What is property consultant/real estate agency fee?

If the property is sold, legally he takes %2 service fee + VAT from the owner of the house and the purchaser but due to competition conditions, consultants decrease the fee sometimes down to zero for buyers and support buyer for max discount from property price to cover the commission from seller side. The result is mostly no cost/loss for buyer.

Can I use Mortgage loan to buy a property?

Not all but some of the Turkish banks ensure loans. If you are interested, your property consultant can inform and guide you about this issue also.

What is the general buying process in Turkey?

After paying the reservation fee, Bodrum White Real Estate will carry out the title deed checks. A contract will be drawn up between the seller and the buyer. This will give the details of the completion date, payment schedule, terms & conditions. When this is signed by the parties, the down payment is paid. You then apply for a security clearance to allow you to own a property in Turkey – this will often be applied for you on your behalf by the developer or Bodrum White Real Estate. You can sign a Power of Attorney at the notary public to conclude all the necessary paperwork if your circumstances require so. When security clearance is obtained you (or your attorney) will sign a deed of transfer in front of an officer of the Land Registry Office who then records you as the official owner of the property.

How does the general cost of living compare with Western Europe?

The general price level for fast-moving consumer goods is up to 50% lower than most Western European countries. Although, some luxurious goods might be more expensive than in your country.

Why shall I buy a property in Bodrum?

You have numerous reasons to take this decision. First of all, it’s a great and smart investment. There’s has been a very serious rise in foreigners in buying homes in Bodrum recent years. Thinking of the business potential, the location of the city is unbeatable. Also you can evaluate your investment as rental. The Real Estate market is in an inevitable rise. If you buy property in Bodrum, you’ll benefit plentiful conditions.

What are the other expenses while buying?

Purchase tax, VAT and stamp tax are the ones you have to pay just for once. Then you’ll have expenses, which you have to pay regularly like water, gas, and electricity. There will be also annual (insurance, tax) and monthly expenses. Every real estate project has its own monthly expense rates. Your property expert will inform you in details before your decision.

Can foreigners have a bank account in Turkey?

Yes, they can. Your valid passport, Turkish tax number and gas, water or electricity bill (to show your address) will be enough to open an account at most of the banks in Turkey.

Who sells properties in Turkey? How will I know they are trustable?

You have to be very careful about this issue. Don’t trust everyone who says that he sells properties. You need an authorized and certified property expert / real estate consultant. Be sure that the services your consultant offers are all legally permitted.

Can foreign companies buy property in Turkey?

Yes, but it is a complicated and lengthy process that requires ministers council approval which rarely happens. Foreign companies should therefore establish a Turkish subsidiary enabling them on an equal footing with other Turkish companies and citizens to buy and sell properties. Bodrum White Real Estate can help you to establish a Turkish company.

Do I have to insure my property in Turkey?

Yes. There are different insurance needs and musts, some are optional. We are capable to guide you also about the insurance process.

Do properties contain furniture in Bodrum?

Most of the properties in Bodrum are purchased with furniture. But We can recommend you to choose your furniture according to your delight.

What documents are required to complete the sale process?

A copy of your passport translated into Turkish, 4 passport sized photos and a Turkish tax number to be able to purchase a property in your name. We will help you to obtain a Turkish tax number from the local tax office.

Are there English speaking lawyers in Turkey?

Yes, there are English speaking lawyers and we can introduce them to you during your viewing trip.

Is there property management service?

Yes, we also provide professional property management services for your property.

Rental Holiday Homes

When looking to rent a holiday home or private villa in Bodrum, you will no doubt have a number of questions to consider. We will be more than happy to discuss the renting process with you either on the phone or in person but to help you get started.

Why we choose Villa/Holiday Home Rental

Equipped with luxurious options in terms of number of rooms and comfort, rental villas are ideal for all types of families. In this regard, the holiday plans of newly married couples can be made only for the villa. On the other hand, it should be remembered that rental villas are the most important holiday options for conservative families. Since all of these places are sheltered, they cannot be viewed from the outside and in this case, families are happy to have a safe holiday. Crowded families can also spend a peaceful holiday in villas ranging from 6 to 12 people. Moreover, since it has a large balcony, terrace and garden trio, you can host your guests on the day and time you want. As you can see, the villa holiday continues to be the most preferred holiday type thanks to these features. Another factor that makes the villas attractive is the advantage of the spaces. In addition to the TV, internet, satellite receiver, DVD and similar equipment you need, all kitchen equipment is included in the price while receiving service. That’s why you can cook your own food any way you want and also use other equipment. The cleaning of the villas is also important. Internal and external cleaning is carried out before hiring for this situation where employees are highly sensitive. In addition, cleaning service is offered according to the demand so that the guests will not be disturbed. With your family, you can reach every activity you seek from food to cleaning, from rest to fun, thanks to the rental villas. The holiday home or rental villa offers more space, privacy and flexibility compared to hotel rooms. Depending on the villa you rent, you can benefit from jacuzzi, washer/dryer, free parking, private pool, private privacy area and many alternatives. Rental villas offer a wide range of space. Thus, you can choose your villa that will stay according to your wishes in city centers with a very colorful nightlife or in a region far from everyone in nature. Also, if you are traveling with your family or large groups of friends, having more than one bedroom and having separate bathrooms and toilets while staying under one roof will make you feel at home. Finally, renting a holiday home costs much less than most hotel rooms. This is one of the biggest reasons for preference. If you want to feel ‘away from home’ in a place where you can cook on your trip, buy yourself a villa holiday.

Is there a special service in rental villas?

Special services are also offered in Bodrum rental villas, where different details are considered. All special security demands are met with the chef, babysitter, car rental, airport transfer, essentials pack, high chair and baby cot. The baby cot, which is available as standard equipment in villas, may not be available in some villas. Therefore, holidaymakers should state their needs in this matter when making reservations. All your requests will be met by the officers without entering into your villa. Chefs can also prepare breakfast and meals as a daily service. In addition, the chefs who prepare special meals on the days you set ensure that your holiday continues in a more meaningful way. Babysitters are a professional need for children. Before you make a reservation, you must definitely report such requests. Finally, honeymoon decorations can be made for honeymoon couples at an extra fee. Thanks to the rental villas that meet all your special requests, you can start enjoying a holiday experience that you have not met before.

What are the advantages of Holiday Villa/Apartment Rental?

Villas that always offer a comfortable and enjoyable holiday option provide advantages to crowded groups. There is every equipment you need in these places, which provides safe accommodation for crowded families, newly married couples and conservative families. From dining sets to the lounge, from large kitchens to seating groups, you have every option you want. On the other hand, there is a microwave, table and chairs, toaster, refrigerator and dishwasher in the kitchen. In summary, you can now find the comfort of your own home in these places. Another advantage of renting a villa is that it has a pool. Villas with pools are capable of being used freely by families and equipped with heated systems. In this way, it will be easier to have a hot holiday even in the cold winter months. In addition to the heated pool, jacuzzi options are also offered to holidaymakers. Families with children can also enter into a comfortable holiday process with rental villas. There are children’s pools and children’s rooms in these places where there are children’s playgrounds. Therefore, all of the comfort you are looking for continues to be offered to you at affordable prices. The villas that draw attention with their proximity to the center, capacity and equipment are divided into economic and luxury categories. However, it should not be forgotten that the villas in the economic class offer all the services to you. This special holiday option, which you can book by choosing the desired location in Bodrum, is now more preferred than the hotel holiday.

What equipment is available in Rental Villas?

Those who want to rent a villa in Bodrum and its region benefit not only from the villa but also from the equipment in the rental villa. In this context, TV, wardrobes, air conditioning, WIFI connection, sunbeds, sea towels, clean linens, sitting groups, sunbathing area, bathroom products, oven, washing machine and dishwasher and hair dryer are ready. In the villas where all the needs of the families going on holiday are located, there are also luxury seating and chair groups. In this way, you can host your guests and continue your comfort. It should be remembered that villas, which are the most suitable places for conservative families and honeymoon couples during the summer and winter periods, are offered at affordable prices. Moreover, while examining the villas, you can make a reservation after checking all the features of the place. Crowded families should rent extra room villas according to the number of people when booking. You can have a different experience with 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and private pool villas. The villas are generally designed with 3 floors. In these spaces where all security measures are taken and where a private terrace is located on the last floor, alternatives such as a dresser and vanity table are also considered. You can also look up pool information while renting. After checking the length, depth, width, type and other options of the pool, you can decide more comfortably.

General Features of Rental Villas?

There are some features in the villas you want to rent in the Bodrum peninsula. These features are shared with holidaymakers as general, kitchen and lounge information. Looking at the general features, it is seen that the alternatives below are shared with you; • Private garden • City View • Sea view • Lake view • Landscape • Triplex • Duplex • Ironing table • Internet connection • Jacuzzi • Patio • Car park • Garden and pool maintenance • Fully furnished and furnished • Heated pool These listed features are the alternatives you need for rental villas. When you look at the culinary information, you will see the following alternatives; • Chairs • Cup sets • Oven • Dishwasher • Boiler • A refrigerator • American kitchen • Pans and cookware sets • Cutlery • Dinner table • 4 cooker • Microwave oven • Toaster In the living room, there are alternatives such as air conditioning, TV, satellite receiver, coffee table, modem and exit to the pool terrace. As you can see, the rental villas are fully equipped with the comfort of home and equipped with a luxury focus. Therefore, you can rent daily, weekly or monthly in summer or winter and experience an unforgettable holiday.

Renting a Seaview Apartment or Villa for Holiday?

Those who want rental villas or apartments with sea views at affordable prices always prefer the Bodrum region. You can enjoy a luxurious holiday while renting a villa in the most beautiful bays of Bodrum as well as the central regions. Of course, you can use the pool service while making your special days unforgettable. Seascape is the most beautiful view that every person watches to see when they wake up or spend a quiet time in the evening. The excitement of having a holiday against the sea view is different in rental villas and holiday apartments specially prepared in Bodrum. In addition, rental villas for four seasons are ideal for weekly or long term stays. Surprising details for couples are also considered in these spaces designed in a modern way. In the villas where the honeymoon concepts cover a large area, all details are also considered for families with children.

Renting Villa Prices in Bodrum Peninsula?

The prices of rental villas in the Bodrum region, which is a tourism center, have always been a matter of curiosity. In fact, rental villas are not rented with high figures as it is thought. Of course, these places, where you can have daily, weekly or monthly accommodation, are equipped with home comforts and a pool option, of course, making the prices a little more flexible. However, all of the services that you cannot get during the hotel holiday are offered for you during the villa holiday. Welcoming holidaymakers in every period of the year with pool systems and villa designs, the rental villas are decorated with the most beautiful details for those who do not want to have problems on holiday. Stylish villas with places like balconies, terraces and gardens are made ready with the online reservation to be made. While professional workers are concerned with the cleaning and maintenance of the villa, it also meets clean sheets and similar needs every day. In addition, garden equipment is prepared for a perfect holiday. In this way, you can chat with the guests you will host while enjoying a barbecue and of course the sea view. As a result, rental villas have become the most popular holiday option due to all these features. Therefore, it is among the well-equipped and special holiday types that all kinds of families and of course new couples should benefit from.

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