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There is nothing more annoying than coming to a dusty holiday home, why not let us help you enjoy your holiday by having our team clean your home for you!

We do both seasonal cleaning before you arrive and periodical cleanings while you are away using professional and meticulous crews. We take the trash out, make the beds and make sure the place is ready for you arrival. The equipment and cleaning supplies will be provided by Bodrum White. We urge you not to leave the cleaning arrangements to the last minute. Especially in the summer, we cannot organize cleanings in short notice. Please give us at least a week notice.

With a variety of options available, whether you request a spring clean or a basic clean, we have many cleaning packages available. With our cleaning packages, all cleaning products are provided and will not incur a further charge.

Touch Up Cleaning

A cleaning package for a quick tidy and clean, whilst homeowner is swimming/tanning! This cleaning package isn’t as detailed as our premium cleaning package however just a general clean throughout the week to keep you happy.
• General tidy up whilst airing your home
• Remove rubbish throughout household
• Quick dust and wipedown of furniture
• Change linen from bedroom and bathroom
• Clean bathroom
• Vacuum and mop visible areas of flooring

Premium Cleaning

The most common used cleaning service, will include, open and air your home; vacuum and disinfect all flooring, clean the windows, doors and balcony and outdoor furniture.

To further detail this cleaning package:
• Living space, dust/polish furniture and ornaments, wipe door frames, polish windows and air our carpet to remove excess dust, and vacuum and wipe floors.
• Kitchen, empty all rubbish and leftover food, wipe down all cupboards, drawers, and benchtop, stove and rangehood cleaned removal of excess grease, clean whitegoods, check all cutlery and plates are spot free, run dishwasher and disinfect floors.
• Bedroom/s, clear all bedding linen for wash and iron, dust and wipe down all furniture, polish windows, disinfect all flooring including under furniture, make all beds with clean linen.
• Bathroom, clear all bathroom linen and shower curtain for wash and iron, disinfect bathtub, shower, sink, toilet and furniture, polish mirrors and windows and disinfect floors.
• Laundry closet (where applicable), dust whitegoods, tidy area, and clean floors.

Spring Cleaning

With spring cleaning we enjoy the opportunity to let the fresh spring air flow through our homes. Having the windows and floors cleaned thoroughly after a cold winter and a closed home makes your visit to your holiday home satisfied.

Having a thorough clean from dust, cobwebs or creepy crawlies gives guests a piece of mind knowing that their home has been spring cleaned. It can also be easy on the eye.

Builder Cleaning

It is always exciting to move into a brand new home, but after construction or renovation, the last thing you want to deal with is pesky cleaning. Dealing with the dust, debris and rubble can be overwhelming. Paint marks, plaster, dust or smell will be cleaned out as part of our builder package; we clean all surfaces thoroughly and in detail so moving in puts a smile on your face.

Our builder clean includes,
• Open and air your home
• Remove all surplus plaster, paint, and grease marks on windows, tiles, terraces, floors, cupboards, domestic equipment etc…
• Remove all labels from bathroom, windows, toilets, and kitchen
• Clean all windows, window frames, and sills
• Clean all skirting boards and doors
• Disinfect all kitchen area (including, oven, fridge, microwave, wall tiles, and kitchen appliances).
• Clean cupboards in kitchen, bedrooms,
• Clean and disinfect all bathrooms, wash tiles, baths, shower screens, and basins in the bathrooms.
• Brush and wipe down all the walls and ceilings.
• Wash and clean utility room and any appliances
• Vacuum and mop all floors
• Clean and polishe to a high shine all windows, glass doors, and mirrors.
• Make sure property is dust free.


Our laundry service includes washed and ironed items. A full load of washing will cost 5 GBP, this may be any linen, towels or other items you may want washed and ironed. Once your washing is complete, we will deliver all your items back to your property.

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Please use this booking form for your cleaning and laundry requirements. We will be replying as soon as possible to book your cleaning service or laundry collections.

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