Buying Property in Bodrum

Bodrum White ® is a brand of Bodrum White Gayrimenkul. We are the leading real estate company in Bodrum.

We have Hundreds of Happy Customers who invested in real estate in Bodrum Peninsula. Our customers get their title deeds and keys with Zero Failure.

Our professionals know all steps and terms of buying property in Bodrum and Turkish Citizenship by investment. So, our team prepared a property purchase guide for you to learn the essential steps of real estate investment in Bodrum.

Advice on Buying Real Estate in Bodrum

The statistics by TAKBIS (Land and Cadastre Information System) show that every year more and more foreign investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey. Initially, sales were limited to countries with reciprocal agreements with Turkey. However, the Turkish government abolished this rule in 2013. It has revitalized the market considerably.

Foreign direct investment in Turkey has increased each year. Experts say that it will continue to rise in the coming years.

There are lots of motivations for the increase. You can read Why Turkey? to see them.

But, the Turkish government’s facilitation of the process was a very crucial step. Foreigners now complete the process in roughly 5-7 days.



Prepare Your Wish List

• What is your purpose for purchasing?
• What features should your property have?
• What is your budget?
And many more for your wish list.


Come for Viewing Tour

• Get your ticket and come to Turkey
• Take a closer look at the advantages of buying real estate in Bodrum area.


Visit Selected Properties

• We choose the best 3 or 4 options for you
• Visit these portfolios with our expert team


Negotiation Terms

• Sales conditions
• Payment terms


Pay Deposit

• You pay a deposit to book the property and fix the price


Sign Contract

Make sure you buy:
• The exact property that is shown to you
• From the original seller
• Debt-free
• Under agreed on terms


Get a Tax Number

• Bring your passport to get a tax number


Open a Bank Account

The required documents:
• A passport copy (color)
• Passport translation
• A translated copy of the electricity, water subscription bill to prove your official residence address in your hometown


Get the Appraisal Report

• An appraisal report is mandatory to be sure of the real value of the real estate.


Get Your Title Deed

• Application to the Land Registry Office
• Pay taxes
• Sign the conveyance act

100% happiness in the end

How to Buy Real Estate in Bodrum?

Bodrum White ® offers comprehensive and free Before and After-Sales Services. We follow up the process, guide you through the process, and deal with legal procedures for you. Our experts give you details about settling and the responsibilities of homeownership in Bodrum.

We prepare a wish list of your dream home. We listen to your needs and expectations. Then, we organize viewing tours of the best properties that meet your needs. We find the perfect home for you on the tour. When you decide to purchase property, you pay a deposit of 5.000 EUR or GBP. You book it and fix the price. Our company lawyers prepare a sales contract. It consists of the agreed conditions and payment terms. You sign and make a down payment within 1 to 4 weeks after the deposit. You pay the remaining amount at the time of title deed transfer.

Many situations can affect the duration. For example, the fact that the real estate is key-ready or is under construction has a significant effect on the duration. If it is key-ready, you complete the process within 5 to 7 days.

Then, you obtain a tax number. It is required for financial transactions. We open a bank account on your behalf to make your payments. It can be used later for automatic bill payments.

You take the title deed of your property. You must have made all payments and paid all taxes at this point.

The Chamber of Commerce says real estate agents can charge 2% + VAT from the seller and 2% + VAT from the buyer. But, if a buyer buys an off-plan or a new home from a construction company, they usually waive the buyer’s commission rates.

You are officially a homeowner in Turkey now!

You can handle all formal procedures by giving a power of attorney. Power of Attorney allows a person (the proxy) to represent or act on behalf of another person (the attorney) in legal procedures.

Bodrum White ® is an expert in buying property in Bodrum and citizenship by investment. We are with you at every stage of the process. So you can get all the benefits of buying property in Bodrum.

Applying for Turkish Citizenship is not a complicated process if you work with professional real estate agents. The citizenship program in Turkey brings a good profit with a high return on investment. You can feel the peaceful atmosphere of the country as a citizen. The cost of living is low when compared to European countries. Turkey offers a luxurious lifestyle at reasonable prices. It makes you feel privileged.

Also, a Turkish passport has lots of advantages. For example, you can have dual citizenship. It provides full medical rights and free education. You have visa-free access to 111 countries. You can see more advantages from the Benefits of a Turkish Passport.

If you cannot afford the program, you can apply for a residence permit. You buy a home, and then you get a permit for two years. It can be renewed at the end of every two years. You can apply for citizenship after staying in Turkey for five years with a residence permit.

Choose an Established Real Estate Company

We always recommend working with a professional real estate agency. It is crucial because you may encounter scam attempts.

For example, the house shown to you may differ from the house you purchased. You may overpay. You find out later that the condition of the house you bought is not good. There are so many unfortunates like these.

Let’s say you find a good property. But, if you make mistakes in official procedures, you will have to start all over again. At that time, the seller can refuse or change the price.

You should also work with a legally established company. Everyone can sell property, such as taxi drivers, receptionists, waiters, or travel agents. They have generally a brother, friend, or uncle who builds or sells real estate. They work for them on a commission basis. They are not an established agency. These sellers have no interest in protecting the rights of buyers.

So, we know that mutual trust and healthy communication are important. Our expert team keeps you informed at every step of the process.

We also help you after the process is over. Our customers have the privilege of benefiting from our Before and After-Sales Services. We are with you from getting utility subscriptions to decorating your home.

If you search for a property to buy in Bodrum area, we are ready to find the best. You can contact us for further information.

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