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As part of our property management, at Bodrum White we offer our clients the option to have a professional photography service.

We use cutting edge retouching techniques in our images to give each photo a vibrant, natural feel and ensure high quality lighting and colour. Each image is carefully retouched for best effect.

Digital images are available within 5 business days. Powerful real estate photography allows you to put your foot in the door for a quicker sale or rental return.

Villa Photography

Using a unique double exposure process, we combine every image of your apartment or villa with light and color. Our professional photographers have photographed hundreds of homes and we know how satisfied our hosts are. We are always with you for the highest quality real estate photos in the industry.

Villa Short Film

It tells the story of your home in high definition. Video tours allow you to speak directly to countless buyers. High-definition video paired with your description of the details and benefits of your home is one of the most persuasive marketing tactics in your strategy.

Villa Drone

Aerial drone photography and filming is not only a marketing tool, but a great way to provide a breathtaking bird's eye view of a property. It is guaranteed to make a splash among sellers and buyers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an aerial photograph is worth millions.

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Real Estate, Villas, Holiday Homes, Apartments, Indoor and Outdoor Photography Services in Bodrum Peninsula..

Much of our photography comes from properties and villas on the Bodrum Peninsula. Blessed with regions of magnificent natural beauty, Bodrum has a wide range of holiday homes along the coast.

These properties, along with hotels and real estate agents with their properties, can use professional photography to enhance the attractiveness of a stay or purchase at this property.

I spend time planning and preparing for booking a villa photo shoot, it is necessary to make a mental note of the plan, view existing photos and look at an existing photo to see if improvements can be made. Also, viewing the property in Google Maps satellite or street view is sometimes useful.

Holiday Homes and Villas Outdoor Photography

Real Estate, Villas, Holiday Homes, Apartments, Indoor and Outdoor Photography Services in Bodrum Peninsula..

During the photo shoot, our experience and attention to every little detail comes into play. We will take care to shoot the exterior of your property from every possible angle, with the walls being straight, parallel to each other while providing a good composition with minimal keystone impact. The keystone effect is a noticeable form of image degradation where buildings are collapsed towards the top. This is our position and can then be minimized by digital editing.

Given that your exterior photos are often what your customers will see, it’s important to make a good first impression and encourage them to take a closer look. Great photography can be the key decision for a potential customer to become a paying customer. It makes sense to show it in the best possible light on websites and brochures that display your property. You can be sure that our photos will make your property or villa shine.

The main factors to consider for outdoor photos are the time of year and the position of the sun. It is vital that your property, villa, gardens are displayed in the best possible light, which often means avoiding the winter months. Spring and summer are great times of the year to photograph outdoor landscapes, with lush greenery and delicate blooms bursting with vibrant blooms.

Your outdoor photos should have a good mix of variety and combine shots of the exterior of your property, garden, and grounds, features like summer cottages, and all of that in wide-angle shots. Close-ups are also useful for capturing details of important garden features such as flowers or hanging ornaments. They are a very important part and attraction of your property.

Holiday Homes and Villas Indoor Photography

Real Estate, Villas, Holiday Homes, Apartments, Indoor and Outdoor Photography Services in Bodrum Peninsula..

Our interior photography needs to be warm, bright and welcoming. We aim to present a collection of photographs that engage the viewers and illustrate the quality of your property or villa in great detail. Our interior photography has been perfected over many years and requires no special lighting systems, special lighting, just the right angles and technical knowledge of how to make the best use of the camera.

Our technique gives us great control over exposure and ensures that there are no overly bright areas or really dark corners – both typical flaws of using a standard digital camera or smartphone in automatic modes. This technique also allows us to show excellent outdoor details through windows rather than being exposed outdoors (e.g. just white or a glimpse of detail).

Our technique allows us to provide you with high-quality photos that are almost inside the room. Using wide-angle shots and close-ups, our photos will present your property or villa not only in the best possible light, but also in detail.

Villa Preparations for Photography

The following items are required in the preparation of your apartment or villa for photographing or video shooting. On the day of the photo shoot, please arrive before the appointment to make sure you are ready for the photo shoot.

  • Turn on all lights and lamps.
  • Replace burned out bulbs.
  • Turn off ceiling fans.
    Check the cleanliness of the house.
  • Bathrooms – toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, shampoo, soap.
  • Kitchen – Remove dishes from sink, remove magnets from refrigerator, empty trash and lift pet bowls.
  • Remove clutter throughout the house.
  • Highchair, booster seats, toys etc. remove it.
  • Store all exercise and medical equipment.
  • Make sure that items hidden under the beds are not visible.
  • Keep your pets away from photo areas.
  • Mown the lawn in your garden.
  • You can prune your trees.
  • Make sure the leaves in your garden are cleared.
  • Remove all exterior trash cans, recycling bins, water hoses, safety signs.
  • If there is a security fence around the pool and you do not want it to appear in the photo, please remove the security fence before taking the photo.
  • Remove pool equipment from and around the pool.
  • If the owner does not want to show their child’s name or personal photos, please remove it before taking the photo.
  • Remove the holiday items so your photos aren’t dated.

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