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Welcome to Bodrum White, where we redefine property and site management to cater specifically to your needs.

Our commitment lies in elevating the quality and consistency of service, setting a new standard for what clients can expect from a property manager. As a distinguished real estate company, we provide comprehensive management services for both individuals and businesses.


Leasing // Property & Rental Management // Professional Site Management // Registration of Your Property with Jandarme // Taxation Services for Short-Term Rentals // Real Estate Buying and Selling // Maintenance // Landscaping // Security

At Bodrum White, we instill trust in our clients through unwavering dedication to honesty, integrity, and transparency. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with clients to grow, contribute to, and stand out within our communities. Your priorities are our priorities, and our company slogan, “Where It’s All About You,” reflects our commitment to prioritizing your requirements in property management.


Honesty // Integrity // Transparency

“Do it once, do it right” is our mantra. We strive to work seamlessly with our clients, ensuring that their properties are well taken care of.

Join us on this journey, and let Bodrum White be your trusted partner in property management. We look forward to having you on board!

Bodrum and surrounding bays are undergoing a remarkable transformation, solidifying their status as Turkey's premier holiday destination. The allure of this dazzling peninsula has captivated an increasing number of individuals who are choosing it as their second home.
Embark on unforgettable journeys with Bodrum White Villas. Discover adventures both nearby and in faraway places, offering access to unique homes, experiences, and hidden gems around the enchanting Bodrum Peninsula. Your extraordinary travel experience begins here.
Congratulations on realizing your dream of owning a holiday home in Bodrum! However, we understand that managing your property from abroad can be a challenge. That's where we come in – offering a reliable solution to handle the needs of your summer house when you're away.
With years of experience with various sites across Bodrum Peninsula, we've decided to leverage this expertise to broaden our services and enhance client satisfaction. Our goal is to bring our proven practices to a wider audience, providing an even more comprehensive approach.
As an integral part of our management services, we present you with the option to elevate your property's appeal through our professional photography service. Our high-quality photographs, offered at competitive prices, are designed to make your home stand out from the rest. Capture the essence and beauty of your property with stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression, ensuring that your home is showcased in its best light.
Make your journey seamless and stress-free with our airport transfer service, catering to individuals, couples, and even large families or groups of passengers. When you book with us, not only do you enjoy the convenience of a fixed price, but you also benefit from a 20% discount compared to metered taxis. Trust us to provide you with a reliable and cost-effective transportation solution, ensuring a smooth start to your journey from the moment you land.
Say goodbye to the hassle of arriving at a dusty holiday home. Let us enhance your vacation experience by taking care of the cleaning for you! Choose from our range of cleaning packages tailored to meet your needs:
Touch Up, Premium, Spring Clean, Builder Clean...
Your holiday begins the moment you step into your immaculate home. Allow us to handle the cleaning details so you can focus on making the most of your well-deserved break.
Arriving in a new country with unfamiliar legal systems can be daunting, leaving you with questions and uncertainties. We understand the importance of a smooth transition, and that's why we've partnered with professional law firms. These experts are ready to address the legal queries buzzing in your mind, providing you with the guidance and assurance you need. You can navigate the legal landscape confidently, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience as you settle into your new surroundings.


The Turkish citizenship by investment program, commonly known as the Turkey Golden Visa, was inaugurated in 2016. This initiative enables foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship within a relatively swift timeframe of three to six months. This program is designed to attract foreign investment into the country and offers a streamlined pathway for individuals seeking Turkish citizenship through investment. If you have any questions or require assistance regarding the Turkish citizenship by investment program, feel free to reach out, and we'd be happy to help.

Unlock Turkish Citizenship with Our Golden Visa Program

Embark on a path to Turkish citizenship through strategic investments with our Golden Visa program. Discover diverse options tailored to your preferences, all requiring a commitment of at least three years:

Real Estate Investment:

Secure Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate valued at a minimum of $400,000.

Government Bonds Investment:

Invest in Turkish government bonds, with a minimum commitment of $500,000 over a three-year period.

Enterprise Establishment:

Create a lasting impact by establishing a business, generating job opportunities for a minimum of 50 Turkish citizens.


Why Choose Our Golden Visa Program?

Flexibility: Tailor your path to citizenship based on your investment preferences.

Streamlined Process: Experience an efficient and straightforward journey towards Turkish citizenship.

Commitment to Growth: Through enterprise establishment, contribute to the local economy and community.

Your Journey Starts Here:

At Bodrum White, we specialize in guiding individuals through the intricacies of the Turkish Golden Visa program. Benefit from our expertise and make your investment in Turkish citizenship a reality.

Holiday Homes & Villas for Sale

Your Trusted Partner in Bodrum Real Estate

Welcome to Bodrum White Villas, your go-to and well-trusted real estate agent across the entire Bodrum Peninsula. If you’re considering buying a property, look no further — we’ve got you covered. At Bodrum White Villas, we prioritize your peace of mind, handling every aspect of the property-buying process.

Why Choose Bodrum White Villas:

Extensive Coverage: We operate in various areas, including Bodrum Center, Torba, Ortakent, Türkbükü, Yalıkavak, Turgutreis, Adabükü, Güvercinlik, Bitez, and more. Wherever your dream property is, we’re there.

Your Rights, Preserved: At Bodrum White, we work diligently to safeguard all your rights throughout the property acquisition journey.

Dedication to You: Our team is committed to finding the perfect properties that align with your needs and preferences.

Your Dream Property Awaits: Contact us today, and let Bodrum White Villas guide you seamlessly through the process of purchasing your ideal property. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in the vibrant and beautiful Bodrum Peninsula.

Discover, Invest, Thrive with Bodrum White Villas.

Rental Holiday Homes & Villas

Experience Unmatched Holiday Bliss in Your Private Villa

Indulge in the unparalleled joy of staying in a villa during your holiday — a choice that brings numerous advantages and elevates your overall experience. Here’s why choosing a villa is an exceptional pleasure:

Freedom of Choices: Enjoy the freedom to tailor your stay according to your preferences. From decor to daily routines, the choices are yours to make.

Personalized Features: Customize your holiday experience by selecting a villa that caters to your specific desires and requirements.

Ideal Locations: Discover the pleasure of holidaying in prime locations. Whether it’s a beachfront retreat or a secluded mountain escape, the choice is yours.

Quality Time with Loved Ones: Escape the crowded hotel scene and relish in the joy of spending quality time with your loved ones, in the privacy of your own space.

On Your Own Schedule: Say goodbye to someone else’s calendar. In a villa, you dictate the schedule, creating an experience tailored to your unique holiday rhythm.

At Bodrum White, we understand the true essence of a remarkable holiday. Immerse yourself in the luxury of choice, privacy, and freedom that our villas offer. Your holiday, your way.

Discover Freedom, Create Memories, Stay with Bodrum White Villas…

Explore Lifestyle

Explore Your Ideal Property with Us - For Sale and Rent! Discover a diverse range of properties tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking to buy or rent, we have the perfect options for you. Choose your preferred property type and embark on a journey to find your dream home.

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Elevate Your Home Buying Experience with Bodrum White Villas

Embark on the journey to your dream home with a partner committed to your success. They say the best time to buy real estate was 50 years ago, but the second best time is now. Let’s make your next purchase a resounding success together.

Getting to know my clients and maintaining a commitment to finding that perfect home is paramount during the search process. It’s the biggest purchase one makes and requires patience, understanding, consistency and a quick response to what the market has available.
No matter what the value, how big or how modest of a home you are looking to buy, everyone’s needs are just as important during the process. I’ve learned through working with buyers, the happiest are the ones who’ve seen many homes and have had an opportunity to fine tune their criteria. Yes, it is time consuming and requires consistency, but it is also priceless when my buyers know they’ve found the right home… Their dream home.


Unlock the Ultimate Selling Experience with Bodrum White Villas

Your journey to selling your home should be marked by exceptional results and an unforgettable experience. At Bodrum White, we share your commitment to excellence, and that’s why achieving the best value for your home is our top priority.

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We deliver accurate property valuation reports.

A property valuation is an assessment of your property’s value, based on the location, condition and multiple other factors. Your valuation will be carried out in person by a professional surveyor who will take notes and photographs, and then send you a valuation report.

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