Holiday Homes Rental License

Guide to Obtaining a Summer Rental Homes and Villas License in Compliance with New Regulations

As of October 2023, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, in collaboration with relevant governorships, has been granted authority for the issuance of daily house rental licenses. The enforcement of these new regulations is scheduled to commence on January 1, 2024. This set of laws specifically pertains to daily or short-term house rentals, defined as properties leased for less than 100 days.

Key Points to Consider

Tourism Residence License Requirement

To engage in short term holiday rentals, property owners are now required to obtain a tourism residence certificate. This certification is mandatory and will be implemented starting in 2024.

Status of Short Term Rental Houses

With the recent legal regulations, short term rental houses have been categorized under the status of hostels. This ensures proper oversight, tax regulation, and the prevention of illicit activities associated with daily house rentals.

Reporting to Authorities

Property owners engaging in short term rental homes are now obligated to report the identity information of their guests to the police. This measure helps prevent irregular transactions and facilitates the identification of wanted individuals.

Procedure to Obtain a Tourism Residence License

Application Process

Property owners must apply for a tourism holiday homes license within one month from the effective date of the law. Failure to comply may result in penalties.

License Plate Requirement

Upon approval, property owners will receive a tourism residence license plate from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Displaying this plate on the residence’s door becomes mandatory.

Consent from Co-Owners

If the property is part of an flat building, the property owner must obtain approval from all flat owners to acquire a tourist residence permit.

Permission for Building Blocks

If applying for a tourism residence license for a building within a complex, permission from the flat owners of the specific building is sufficient, not the entire complex.

Penalties for Unauthorized Rental

Renting out a property as a tourist residence without the knowledge of the landlord may result in penalties.

Where to Obtain a Short Term Rental House License

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture and relevant governorships have been designated as the authorities for issuing daily house rental licenses.

Property owners are required to apply to the local municipalities affiliated with the property.

Tourism Residence Permit Application Timeline

Applications must be submitted within one month from January 1, 2024.

Administrative fines will be imposed for non-compliance.

Permit certificate procedures will be finalized within three months from the application date.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Homeowners renting their properties without obtaining a daily rental house license may face fines starting from 100,000 TL as of 2023.

Security forces may temporarily seal unlicensed daily rental properties.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Do I need to register relatives if they are staying at my property while I am not there? (Short Term)

A: ALL guests regardless of status to the owner have to be registered on the Polis/Jandarma system to inform them of their stay if the legal property owner is not present & the property must have a valid rental permit attached if ANYONE stays who is not 1st degree family (Mother – Father – Son or Daughter & their children). The requirement to register 1st degree family with Polis/Jandarma may vary from province to province.

Q: I’m not in Türkiye right now so can I still register my property?

A: The property owner must register the property or if you engage the services of a 3rd party (Power of Attorney) in Türkiye so they can register on your behalf.

Q: How do i know if the property i am renting has been registered?

A: The Rental Permit must be affixed to the front door of the property. 
     The following information is included in the issued permit:

  • Name or trade name of the permit holder,
  • Address of the residence,
  • Permit date and document number starting with the license plate code of the province where the residence is located,
  • Maximum number of people who can stay in the residence.
Q: Who can get the permit?
A: In order to obtain a permit, you must either be the owner of the property or have one of the real rights called usufruct or superficies on this house. A travel agency cannot apply for a license without being the owner of the property in question. In any case, the license is given to the owner of the house or the owner of real rights (usufruct and superior rights).
Q: If I continue to operate without a license, how will they find me?
A: First of all, in the relevant sanctions section of the law, serious penalties are foreseen for intermediary service providers who list residences without a permit, mentioning sites such as Airbnb, which are intermediary – service providers. Therefore, inspection aside, when you first want to list your property on these platforms, these sites will ask for your license or document number.
Q: If I continue to rent without a license, how will the authorities detect me?
A: First of all, we recommend that you do not operate without a license. Additionally, in case of any complaint, you will face serious sanctions. In addition, the ministry warned the relevant platforms and requested that the lists of people who did not submit their license/document number be closed, otherwise criminal proceedings would be initiated!
Q: How will the tax arising from short-term rental be paid? Will income tax, annual rental income declaration or tax on business income be issued? What will the VAT rate be?
A: Since your tax payment is a Residential Rental for Tourism Purposes, it will be a tax on commercial income. It is certain that the house will require a commercial operation due to the accommodation service and that the income obtained from this operation will be considered as commercial income. You will need to prepare an invoice and accrue VAT. Since it is a tourist residence, you anticipate that 10% VAT + 2% accommodation tax and 0.075% (7.5 per thousand) tourism share will be paid.
Q: How will you make Identity Notification KBS?
A: Along with the permit, you will be given a username and password to log into the KBS notification system from the nearest police station. In accordance with KBS rules, you must provide the passport/ID information of those staying in the residence within 24 hours.
Q: How will permission be obtained for residences with more than one independent section (minimum 5 or more)?
A: You will receive permission from all residence/flat owners in that building. You do not need to get permission from the commercial unit owners.
Q: Can I rent my summer holiday home during the season without obtaining a license?
A: As stated in the new law, if you are going to rent your summer house monthly or seasonal during the season and this period will be less than 101 days, you must obtain a “Tourism Residence License”! If you are going to rent for 101 days or more, you do not need to get a license as this is classed a Long Term renting.
Q: When you get a license, what other steps/issues & practices do you need to take legally, such as taxes and fees and identity declaration?
When you get a tourism residence license, you will become a taxpayer! 10-15 days after receiving your license, you need to go to the tax office and start your liability.
In addition to the determined VAT rate, you must pay an accommodation tax of 2%.
You also need to hire an accountant.
You must invoice all incoming guests for their stay.
You need to go to the police department and apply to log into the identification system. And you must notify the police (online) of the identity or passport information of every guest staying in your home within 24 hours at the latest.
You have to pay a tourism share of 7.5 per thousand on the rental revenue.
You should also remember that you will be subject to periodic inspection by the Tax Office, Police Departments and the Ministry of Tourism.
Q: What should you do if you are already short-term rental and have a license from the municipality?
A: Your current license is no longer valid if you have less than 5 homes. Because with this law, authority was taken from local governments and given to the ministry. You must apply to the Ministry and obtain a license for each residence. If you do not meet the criteria, you will not be licensed and you will not be able to do this job. If you have more than 5 residences or a license to open and operate a business in the same building, you must apply to the ministry and obtain a license for each house and your license to open and operate a business will also be valid.

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