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Sell Your House in Turkey

Being a well trusted real estate agents in all Bodrum Peninsula, property owners are welcomed to contact us regarding selling their properties. With Bodrum White Real Estate, you don’t have to worry about anything, we sell properties in many areas including Bodrum Center, Torba, Ortakent, Türkbükü, Yalıkavak, Turgutreis, Adabükü, Güvercinlik, Bitez and more different areas. In Bodrum White, we work hard to preserve all your rights while finding the suitable clients to purchase your property.

Selling a property is best left to a professional, active real estate agent with a good reputation. They know the market and will not give you a high valuation in order to get your business only to advise you to reduce the asking price when they can’t sell the house. Most agencies in Bodrum Peninsula are happy to market your property on a non-exclusive basis. At Bodrum White Properties, you do not need to sign an exclusive contract. We work on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis. If you prefer to select only one agent, this is called sole agency. You need to agree with the agent what the advantage is for you. Some agents can by very convincing when they ask you to sign up on an exclusive basis just to lock you in for a fixed period of time. Just ask yourself, if a person thinks he or she may have an advantage versus other agencies and think they will find you a buyer easily, then what is the problem with signing you up on a non-exclusive basis?

When you have decided to list your property with an estate agent, it is important to select the right agency. Your choice depends on the location and type of property you want to sell and should include agents who are in contact with both local and foreign buyers. Your agent will check all documentation of your property. If there are any inconsistencies in the documents you should be informed as soon as possible and correct it. Making sure all documents are in order can avoid a delay in the completion of the sale or worse; you would not be the first vendor who would lose a deal over this.

Preparation is everything when selling a house. You can assist too by making sure the property is presented at its best. The first impression is very important. You can help us by keeping the garden tidy, repair or replace damaged fences and gates, re-paint woodwork or if necessary the whole house, fix or replace leaking taps, replace defective electric sockets and switches. In addition, remove all clutter, clean the windows, the kitchen and bathrooms must be sparkling clean, air the property well before a viewing and try to keep your pets out of sight. Keep in mind a prospective buyer can feel uncomfortable with pets around or may even be allergic to them. If they do not feel confortable, they may want to leave as quickly as possible leaving you with a missed opportunity to sell the house.

If you are at home during the viewing, try to make yourself scarce. A potential buyer may feel inhibited in your presence and will tend to hasten through the property rather than give it the attention it deserves. Therefore our advice is to let us conduct the viewings on your behalf, after all that’s what you are paying us for!

Covering the whole of Bodrum Peninsula as independent real estate agents gives us an advantage over local operators as most buyers prefer to deal with only one estate agent if possible. Moreover, a prospective buyer can rest assured they spent their time in an efficient manner by selecting Bodrum White Properties, knowing we have personally listed each property and are in direct contact with each owner. As a vendor you can benefit from our approach too. No longer do you have to accept viewing appointments made by an agent who has not met the prospective buyer and with little or no knowledge about his or her requirements, arranged by another agent who is not familiar your property.

When marketing your property it is important that it receives broad exposure. Multichannel marketing is a combination of traditional means of advertising in daily news papers, holiday magazines and internet marketing. Our presentation of your property is made in English, Russian and Turkish languages. Our websites are updated on a daily basis offering prospective buyers from all around the world the opportunity to find your home on a 24/7 basis!

We are able to find the perfect match for each property and we ensure that only serious proposals take place. In case you need assistance we can connect you with trusted lawyers, notaries and property engineers who provide valuable guidance throughout the selling process. If you are interested in selling your property or properties, please contact us to give us a little bit more information and a member of our team will be in touch shortly. If you wish to rent out your property or villa, please contact us.

How to sell your Turkish property?

If you took the decision of villa or apartment selling in Bodrum, there are few steps that you need to follow and documents to prepare before getting the sales process official.

For selling your property, the following steps are followed:

• Collect all documents related to the property such as title deeds and make sure there are no debts on the property, mortgages fully paid and that all taxes are up to date.
• We will visit the property for checking the property to estimate selling price. The more the property is maintained, the higher the price usually is.
• If we reached a common ground, pictures for the property will be taken to add it to our property lists on our website.
• For viewing trips, it’s essential that you are available in order for clients to view the property. In case you are not living in Turkey, please inform us on who we can contact to get the property keys.
• The entire sales process is arranged by us. When reaching deposit process and deeds signing we will contact you and keep you updated on the process.

The value of your property

When putting a price for properties for sale in Bodrum, the sales price differ depending on many factors.

One of the most important factor is the location. For instance if the houses for sale are centrally located? what is the walking distance to the beaches and amenities? does your villa for sale has a private garden and pool? does your property offer sea views or nature views and may other factors that affect the value of your property.

Another factor is for how long have you been an owner of this property in the land registry. Being an owner of the property for 5 or more year’s means that you are exempted from the income taxes. Individual costs, however, like bills and existing debts, are fully paid by you.

Additionally, real estate agent fees will be charged for completing the process.

For any further details, you can contact us via our mobile number or email address. It is our pleasure to assist you.

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