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  • Doors inside and outside will be checked to ensure open/close properly to avoid risk or intrusion
  • Walls are examined for cracks or water stains
  • Lights should switch on and off smoothly, a delayed reponse could be a clue of faulty wiring. In the case lightbulbs aren`t working, replace lightbulbs with spares which should be kept inside the property.
  • Floors will be checked for water damage
  • Sockets and Electricity box is checked
  • Check common areas for infestation
  • Kitchen & Bathroom water flow check
  • Air your home monthly


  • Walkway & Staircase are checked and obstacle free
  • Main entrance door has no sign of theft
  • Windows are securely closed
  • Roof is inspected for cracks leaks to avoid further damage to walls
  • Water meter will be noted each month and sent in each homeowner’s monthly report.


  • Monthly electricity bill will be collected and paid from property float
  • Monthly report sent after each visit, with photos taken on inspection
  • In the case an issue is found at your property we will send photos and notify you, however, repairs will only proceed upon home owners consent. Homeowner will be notified of the cost to repair damage, we will arrange a contractor appropriately once approval email has been received
  • Compulsory DASK Insurance (earthquake) will be organised for your home, and contents insurance is optional.
  • Payment of bills: council tax, maintenance fees, electricity, water
  • Upon request, we can arrange for cleaning, airport transfers, and car hire, so it gives you more time to relax when you arrive at home.
  • Any urgent matters regarding your property, when informed will be dealt with our professional team immediately.